Skating Rules

Skate Center Rules

You are expected to be courteous and respectful of all skaters and abide by all center rules.

2. All patrons and skaters are expected to respect the rights of others at all times.

3. All skaters must maintain control and skate within one’s own abilities at all times.

4. All guests on the skating rink are expected to wear a wristband issued by Fort Frenzy.

5. All skaters must purchase a wristbands prior to receiving rental skates.

6. All personal skates must be in good repair and have toe stops, heel stops or toe plugs, and must have all parts and components in place to be suitable for use on our floor. All personal skates are subject to inspection.

7. Skating admittance is based upon sessions; each session is 2 hours long. All skaters must exit the skate floor at the end of each session.

8. Skaters can pay an additional $3 to skate in the next session as long as their wristband is still on.

9. Food & Drink are not permitted on the skate floor.

10. Food & Drink left unattended on tables outside rink will be disposed off.

11. All guests renting skates must wear socks; if you do not have socks they are for sale at the counter.

12. Skaters are allowed to leave the skate floor during their session to play video games and buy food, however, they must have a current session wristband on.

13. All skaters off the rink in the game room area not wearing a current session wristband will be instructed to remove their skates.

14. No guest is allowed to skate outside.

15. No stopping or standing on the skate floor.

16. Fast skating or horseplay is not allowed.

17. Cell phones, iPods, earphones, tablets or similar devices cannot be used while skating.

18. Reckless skating, weaving in and out, horseplay, tripping, shoving, etc. are not allowed.

19. Please report all injuries even minor ones to management.

20. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please secure all personal items in a locker.

21. Please do not carry children while skating

22. Management reserves the right to inspect lockers, personal handbags, backpacks etc.

23. Attire should be casual dress appropriate for active participation.  Clean, no tears or fraying, no short-shorts, baggy pants worn below the hips, shorts with inappropriate logos or sayings, sleeveess t- shirts, no hats may be worn on the skating floor, or no exposed midriffs.  Neatness of dress is expected at all times.

24. Management reserves the right to refuse admission and/or eject without refund anyone not meeting these standards.

25. Skating is not recommended for guests with asthma, epilepsy, seizure disorders, any heart conditions or if they are pregnant.

26. Please remember all guests are skating at their own risk!