Fort Frenzy Donation Request Application

3232 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge, IA 50501 ­ (515)

Fort Frenzy kindly asks that donation requests are submitted at least one month prior to your event. All requests will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the management staff and owners. If a donation is granted, you will be notified via email to make arrangements for pickup

Please complete this form and email to  &  for consideration.

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What method do you prefer to receive your donation? (If you live within 30 minutes from Fort Dodge, pick up would be appreciated, however is not required.)

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FORT FRENZY processes donation requests once a month. All granted donations will be left at our front desk under the contact name listed above or mailed to the address provided. You will then be notified by email when your request is ready for pick up or has been mailed. This form is required for any consideration of donations. Organizations (public and private) and individuals working on the behalf of a non­profit event or group are allowed to submit two donation requests per calendar year. Donation amounts are subject to FORT FRENZY discretion. Cash donations are not available. FORT FRENZY can not guarantee your donation will arrive by your event date. Please note that we receive more requests than we are financially able to fulfill, therefore not all requests will be honored. Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis. By submitting this application you agree to these policies and procedures and agree not to hold us responsible for lost, stolen or late d

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